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My friend and ADD mentor, Mike, has been consistently reminding me that I need to set myself up for small victories that will lead up to larger ones. One of those is finding a job, any decent job right now, while I try to figure out what my career goal is. I need to finish classes (I will be taking the short term class starting in November so I will not have completely wasted this semester). Tomorrow I am going to go talk to my former counselor (if I can get in to see her for a second) to request my records and figure out what to do once I get home. I am also going to work on fixing my eating and sleeping habits. Going to bed before 1am should not really be a problem, but it so often is because I sleep so late. I know I am perfectly capable of getting out of bed at a decent hour because I did it everyday at Faith’s house, we got up around 8 am (and that is late, the boys get up at 6), but the latest I went to bed most nights was 11 or 12. I also need to begin a regular eating routine. I am terrible. I tend to not eat until I am really really hungry, and then I grab whatever is convenient (junk usually). I am working on outfitting my (small albeit) kitchen with stuff that will make it easy for me to make the healthy choices I should be. If Faith can manage 3 squares a day for the boys, Nathan, and herself, I can too 🙂 – I am not comparing myself or anything, I just find her to be a good inspiration for the kind of person I would like to be. I am going to use my Bento boxes to help inspire me to get off my butt (or out of bed) and eat something healthy and creative. I find a good amount of inspiration from Biggie over at Lunch in a Box as well :).

So my goals I am going to be working on when I get back are:
  • Find a job (about 20 hours a week) and ask for a regular set schedule
  • Eat at least 3 times a day and make healthy choices
  • Get up by 9am and go to bed before 1am (starting small here)
  • Go to Family Life with Toby (I know I really didn’t talk about that before, but it is a goal)

Help keep me accountable! 🙂