Well, it was happy, but not a Turkey Day for us… Somehow I think some wires got crossed and we ended up having Roast Beef for Thanksgiving dinner today! I think it was a special request by my brother-in-law Simon
(pictured here with Nana – yes, that is his hat she is wearing!) who is leaving for Prague in a couple of weeks… Boy am I ever glad I cooked Fred on Sunday, I would have been a sad panda if I hadn’t been eating turkey with all the trimmings all week! (Though I could always go for more turkey!) I may buy another small one when they get marked down tomorrow if their are any left when I make it to the market (still feeling a little under the weather and I have to work from 11:45am-4pm tomorrow)… Is anyone heading out to brave the madness that is Black Friday? I don’t think I am going to this year… I think I’m just going to hang out at home after work… But I might hit Target to see if there is anything I need that has been marked down… Blessings to my family in LA and to the Metzger/Alterton clan braving the desert and driving down to the Grand Canyon! Have a Happy Holiday All! I am off to deck the halls (well my blog at least)!