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I started this branch off of my normal blog to keep track of all of the things I am praying for… If I can pray for you in any way, let me know and I will add you to my daily prayers… I would like to update with answers to prayers here as well :)…

Some Label, Tag, and Keyword Definitions:
  • FamilyLife – The Ministry Toby and I are in the application process with
  • CCCi – Campus Crusade for Christ International (FamilyLife’s Umbrella Organization)
  • GPM – Global Prayer Movement a ministry of CCCi
  • HomeBuilders – A small group, focused on building marriages and families using materials created by FamilyLife (the first study is available for download here)
  • Requests – Any prayer requests I get will be vaguely reported on here (I won’t use specifics, and I can keep things anonymous if anyone prefers)
  • Updates – on prayers requests I have had, or on other things I have been praying about
  • Books – Since this is also kind of a devotional blog for me, I may recommend whatever book I am reading in my devos here
  • Events – I will let people know of any events that are coming up, that I am praying for or that we are attending that have to do with prayer, spiritual walks, or evangelism