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I have started 3 (count them 1…2…3…ah ha ha ha) new blogs to chronicle my other projects I am working on because this blog is ADD enough! Now let’s just see if I can keep them all updated (probably not everyday for all of them)… There is a list in my side bar with them, but I figured I’d post a quick blurb about them here since I don’t have time to write much else today…

  • LenaLoo’s Prayer Journal – a place where I can record and update on things I am praying for… I have given up keeping a paper journal for this because I enjoy typing far better 🙂
  • FLYgirl in Training – inspired by a fellow SITS blogger and FLYlady.com, I decided to post publicly what I am doing to get and keep my house clean!
  • LenaLoo’s 101 in 1001 – also inspired by another blogger, I am going to make a list of 101 goals to be compleated in 1001 days and update on how I am accomplishing them…