I was up ALL night last night (like till 9am then took a nap from 9-12pm) working on my blogsite… I am so Hyperfocused sometimes… Anyway, my time got away from me today (because I was half asleep and walking most of the day) so I have some catch up to do, it’s time to crisis clean! But here is what I got done today…

  • Get up and dressed to shoes (I got up, but didn’t put on shoes…)
  • Eat breakfast
  • Do 27 fling boogie (sparebedroom)
  • Work on back bathroom sink (zone 3)
  • PhotobucketDo 5 minute room rescue (living room) -Toby worked on it quite a bit, moved all the deco boxes to the spare room, but it still needs a bit more surface cleaning and vacuuming
  • PhotobucketPut away groceries on table
  • Eat lunch (tried to but I was feeling sick)
  • Go to post office
  • Call Dani (left message)
  • Finish wrapping gifts and put them under tree (almost, just need a bag for Nana’s gift and the Alterton’s little gifty)
  • Lay out Christmas table runner
  • PhotobucketFinish hot chocolate gifts with recipe card and fabric tied with ribbon (well, no recipe card, but done)
  • PhotobucketWork on garland (finished and I like it!)
  • Take back anything not used in garland to Michael’s and Joanne’s, get small tree skirt, get one gift box or bag for nana’s gift
  • PhotobucketBuy stuff for party
  • PhotobucketGo to party (make stuff there)

  • Do dishes and shine sink
  • PhotobucketWash face and brush teeth
  • PhotobucketTake meds
  • PhotobucketLook at calendar
  • Choose clothes for tomorrow
  • Get to bed before 1am! (Um it’s a little late for that…)