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Joining MckMama @ My Charming Kids for a little Not Me Monday fun!

  1. I did NOT eat about an entire batch of Chex Mix by myself yesterday (and continue eating it today)Photobucket
  2. I did NOT almost quit my job on Friday
  3. I did NOT stare at this mess on my floor for a second then burst out laughing and without cleaning it up, continued to cook dinner, carefully avoiding the shards of glass
  4. I did NOT try to blow off hanging out with my mother in law so I could stay at my cousin’s house
  5. I did NOT forget the second soprano part in one of our Cantata pieces on Sunday and sing whichever part I liked best at the moment
  6. I did NOT almost stop singing and start rolling on the floor laughing when my overzealous director knocked a recording stand onto a sleeping congregation member’s head in the middle of our performance
  7. I did NOT yell at my sweet husband for not putting away my laundry after he had done about 6 loads while we were at my cousin’s house (I did NOT wait till he was asleep to apologize to him either)
  8. I did NOT practically sleep walk through saying goodbye to my parents this morning (my mom says I did NOT give her some diaper coupons for my brothers girlfriend and ask her about a bloggy friend’s mother before stumbling back to bed)
  9. I am NOT sitting on the edge of my couch because my fat cats are taking up the entire thing and I don’t want to disturb them Photobucket
  10. I am NOT blogging when I have 6 million other things to do today