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I finally got Toby interested in my favorite book series of the moment by telling him how Stephanie Meyer writes the same time line from different perspectives (a technique that my dear husband wants to use in the novel he is writing)… We began reading it aloud together… We read about half of Twilight aloud and then I realized it was making us stay awake rather than making us sleepy (because the light was on and someone had to be awake to do the reading) and keeping us up past the 1am bedtime I had made for myself… Then I got the bright idea to buy the audio books! We listened to the rest of Twilight and now we are on to New Moon…

After we finished (well almost finished, we fell asleep right before the end) Twilight, we decided to go see it at a theater before it was gone… Even so it was in limited theaters… We ended up at the Drive In last Friday… We called Karen and Pete to see if they wanted to join us… We were going to try to switch up the double feature (the one showing with Twilight was a cheesy B horror flick that no one wanted to see), so Karen and Pete took their car to the Marley and Me/Bride Wars lot and we watched Twilight while Marley and me was on, then moved over to Karen and Petes car for Bride Wars :)… It was a lot of fun… Toby did not like the movie Twilight… He had gotten so wrapped up in how the characters should be in his head that this disappointed him… Also he hated that it was such a disjointed telling of the story… I still liked it, but of course I think the book is much much better… Though we both agreed that Edward did an amazing job with what he had (Toby also really like his hair!)…

One more thing… In listening to New Moon today to try to catch up to where Toby read to while I was in LA, I realized something that I had overlooked the first time I read the book… In the end of Chapter 6, Bella asks Angela what the date is, and realizes that it is the one year anniversary of her first day at Forks High, January 19th, which is also my birthday! How coincidental is that? In the words of a high school friend Stevie, “I like it!”