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Hey guys, I am back, hopefully on a more regular basis… I decided to quit WoW for a bit because I was playing a lot… And I am quite sad because I met a lot of amazing people who have become really dear to me… But, I have to get this apartment ready for this little one and I think it might take at least the 5 months that I have left lol… So if ya’ll want to, bear with me while I work on this cuz it means a whole lotta time with Toby’s mum, and that is not always good for my mental health lol… Also, I am dumping all the other parts of my blog back into this one because 1 blog is enough to handle right now methinks… I am importing all my entries from the other 4 blogs I had here, but not deleting them just incase I decide to get crazy and bring em all back… So there will be a lot of randomness in here again, but that is what I’m all about :D… Love you guys! Thanks for stickin with me on this Roller Coaster Ride I call life!