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So every time Jars of Clay comes out with a new album, I push it away at first because I love their original stuff so much… The Self Titled Album is and will always be my favorite… And this is a band that basically seems to reinvent itself every time they write… I told the boys that I really don’t get it this time (they laughed and said I wouldn’t)… But I don’t think I really tried because I am so stuck on the band they were in 1995, fresh out of college… When I started to realize that each album has been a continuation of their growth as people and artists, I began to appreciate each one differently… I read this interview with them today after listening to the album last night with new ears it seemed… I get it now, and I love how candid they are about their feelings on this album, and it is exactly what I need right now… If you haven’t listened to Long Fall Back to Earth, you should give it a try… It is very human…