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So I have been putting on weight slowly but surely since I moved to Sacramento. Something about us settling down makes us get fat and happy I think. Anyway, it has come time to start losing some of it. I am ready to get healthy. (not that I was healthy when I moved here). I have about 40 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. I am joining weight watchers next month and getting back to the gym with a workout partner (haven’t been since Xica moved). When I get to goal I am buying one of these beauties from ModCloth. I want to dress up and go out and feel pretty. Maybe my hubby will take me out dancing. (Did you know we can ballroom dance?) I need to choose which one would suit me best, want to help me out? What inspires you to shed a few pesky pounds?

1. Indie Darling Dress $54.99
2. Midnight on the Meadow Dress $49.99
3. Kennebunkport Dress in Latitude $62.99
4. Orchid Grey Dress $53.99
5. Beach Picnic Dress in After Dark $99.99
6. Got the Hautes For You Dress $99.99
7. Kennebunkport Dress in Starboard $62.99
8. The I Do Dress $895.00 (Okay not planning on getting married again, but maybe for a vow renewal on the beach in Maui?)
9. When the Night Falls Dress $89.99
10. Soda Fountain Dress in Cola $49.99
11. Emerald Forest Dress $134.99
12. Cute Concerto Dress $47.99
13. How Green Was My Dress $47.99
14. Plum Role Dress $49.99
15. Down in the Valley $107.99
16. Contour Map Dress $84.99
17. Budding Talent $157.99
18. Wrapped Around Your Finger $74.99
19. On a Pedestal $72.99
20. Falling Into Place $112.99
21. Cover Model Dress $117.99
22. Holiday Parade $269.99