1001 days is 33.36 months or 2.78 years. I have until September 26, 2013 to complete these goals.

The Key:
H- Health (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual)
R- Relationships
F- Financial
B- Blog
O- Organization
C- Crafty
M- Move
E- Etsy
N- New Knowledge
L- Leadership and Faith
S- Stuff I Need or Want

H- Lose 40 lbs.

H- Track calories and exercise everyday in MyFitness App

H- Get hair did (brazillian blowout)
H – Get eyebrows done professionally monthly

H- Put on makeup at least twice a week
H- Dress up and go out once a week
H, R – Join Mom/Play group and go every week

H, F- Everytime I pass up fast food or a quick unhealthy treat, put $ in jar for clothes

H, B- Make a Biggest Loser Challenge for Toby’s family (with website)

H, B- Make a Biggest Loser Challenge for Takii family (with website)

H- Weigh in every week at the same time

H- Try Habit app

H- See Dr. R every 4-6 weeks

H- Make good eating choices but have bites of bad ones to satiate .

H – Get back on ADD meds and migraine meds

H – Do something active everyday

F, O – Use budget app on laptop

F, O – Find budget app for phone

F, C – Make an envelope wallet

F, C – Instead of buying new toys for Cohen, make them (wood, felt, dress up)

F, H- Save for new wardrobe

F- Work on cash/envelope system

F- Try Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

F- Switch Cohen to cloth diapers (mostly prefolds with covers)

F- Sell Droid

F- Pay off debt snowball

F- Have $ in the bank for oops moments

F- Get part-time job with some kind of benefit (cell phone, insurance, etc)

F, H- Create a beauty maintenance fund for hair cuts, threading, and products

E, C- Finish started Etsy projects
E, C- Make Sample personalized Sewing cards (Conner, Bailey)

E, O- Take product photos with Melody every week and list them

E, C- Make new products every week

E, O- Get Etsy shop up and running

R- Go on a date at least every other week with my hubby (Toby)
R, S -Take Cohen to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live

R, O – Have people over weekly

R, M – Make it a point to spend time with Family and Friends once a week

R, C – Throw Cohen a Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd Birthday party (make everything)

R- Encourage Toby to practice guitar or bass

O, F- Record Yo Gabba Gabba off Dad’s DVR

O, F- Make Co’s Gabba movies compatible with iPod

O, F- Figure out how to link iPod to Droid X hotspot

O- Work on one project at a time till finished

O- Keep house clean enough to have people over without embarrassment

O – Put Cohen’s Boon Pod up

O – Keep a running list of Christmas projects and ideas

O – Get rid of 10 items a week (donate or toss)

O – Do zone cleaning (one zone or room per day)

O – Back Up laptop hard drive and main comp hard drive at least once a month

N, M, O – Look into APU’s AD program and figure out pre-req’s

N-Take a fun class (photography, vocal, typing, piano)

N- Work on Pre-req’s to transfer to accellerated degree (AD) program

N- Learn to play chords on keyboard

M, O- Get info on places to live in LA

M, O – Pack one box per week

M, O – Get organized to move

M, O – Clean Mom and Dad’s Backyard and Den for kids to play in

M – Move to LA

L, R – Pray for my family daily

L, R – Get Amy connected at yearly meeting w/ other youth leaders

L, O, B – Make Orange Christmas app and host it on orangechristmas.com

L, C- Make kids drums for Midtown

L, B- Make web pages for churches in Let’s Pray Pico and teach to maintain

L, B- Make web page for PRFC youth and teach Amy to maintain it

L- Start Young Adult Ministry at PRFC

L- Play keyboard for worship

L – Go to In Process

L – Get weebly pro account for PRFC

C, O – Start making Orange Christmas gifts now (one per week)

C, F – Learn to make diaper covers

C- Make cool case and matching strap and lens covers for new digital camera

C- Make Cohen Yo Gabba Gabba Toys

C- Make Cohen Yo Gabba Gabba slippers

C- Make Cohen Yo Gabba Gabba Shirts

C- Make Cohen Yo Gabba Gabba Pillows

C- Make a new toy every month (doesn’t have to be big)

C- Get Toby some whittling wood so he can make toys for Cohen

C- Build Conner and Bailey a play kitchen/toy storage unit

C- Build Cohen a playhouse to attach to the swing set in Nanny’s backyard

C – Build Cohen, Conner, and Bailey a Playhouse and swing set for Grandma’s yard

C – Build Cohen a toy workbench and toy tools

C – Build Cohen a Play Kitchen

B, H – Make Bento lunches for Co and I for Mom/Play group days and blog about them

B- Cook one new recipe a week and Do “Try It You’ll Like It Tuesday”

B, O – Make prioritize app, host on blog

B, O – Make app database for ADDer’s

B, H – Try making a new “healthier dessert or snack option every week and blog

B- Take photos weekly and do wordless Wednesday

B- Blog about Mom/Play group

S, C, R, F – Get stuff to make diaper covers and make them with Jessica

S, H- Get Xbox 360 with Kinect and workout game or Wii w/ Wii Fit Plus

S, H- Get a good scale

S, H – When weight goal is met, buy a new wardrobe

S, F- Sell iPod and Get a new one

S, F – Sell Laptop and get tablet (maybe)

S, E, C- Get Cropodile

S, B – Buy Weebly pro

S, C- Save for and get a good SLR camera (Nikkon D5000 maybe?)

S- Save for and get a DVD player for car (from pawn shop)

S – Get Cohen a drum set