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Oh man getting Google Friend Connect on weebly is a royal pain. Apparently you have to Copy the code but DO NOT include this Instead replace it with this
window.JSON = {
parse: function(st){
return st.evalJSON();
stringify: function(obj){
return Object.toJSON(obj);

and paste it in the CUSTOM HTML.
(Courtesy of this weebly site)

*Edit: This worked for me for a bit but now I cannot get it to work… I am moving to word press… to many work arounds needed to get weebly to do what I want it to do…

Did you see the meta feed on my home page? That little work of art was made possible by pipes.yahoo.com a nifty tool my church pal Harry recommended to me. It looked a little intimidating at first but it was almost as easy as creating my weebly site. I used the union operator to link five blogs into one feed (and since I have more than five blogs on this weebly, cuz I am silly like that, I actually made 5 different union pipes and then ran them all through another union. It took me a bit to figure out but it was actually rather fun in the end. I was almost as excited when it worked as I was today when my son took his first real steps!!!