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We started Friends Playgroup this month! It is a combined effort of Midtown Friends and Sacramento Friends. We meet every other Wednesday morning at Sacramento Friends in the nursery, or at a park when the weather is nice. It is open to young children and their Moms, Dads, Grandparents, or other Caregivers. On the opposite weeks, Midtown Friends hosts evening activities for Moms (Girl’s night out is 2nd Wed night of the month, and is open to non-moms too; and Mom’s group is 4th Wed night of the month). We let the kiddos run around while we talk about parenting and our kids among other topics and share a snack together. We also encourage bringing your lunches since Playgroup ends right about that time. It’s nice to have an excuse to bust out my Bento sets and make Cohen and I cute lunches! Last meeting, one of the other kiddos decided that she had to have one, so on our trip to San Fran that weekend, we picked one up for her (and one for the only other “eater” that came).

We are starting small, with about 5 or 6 families on the e-mail list, but we are hoping to outgrow the nursery by Summertime when we can meet at the park! It is a blessing to have friends who have kids too and have a place that we can hang out together without worrying about what the kids can and can’t touch or that someone will be stuck cleaning up their mess afterward (we all clean up together before we leave).