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So, I have been a bit MIA lately due to my crazy busy schedule as of late. I just began working at Goore’s for Babies to Teens doing general customer service, operating the phones, and blogging for goores.com blog! It is totally my dream job to get paid to do social media AND have “office hours” to go into work for.Other than that, I have been doing ballroom lessons at Arthur Murray’s Carmichael studio about 3 or 4 nights a week (okay sometimes even more ha ha) since the beginning of May! It has been a blast! Some may think it is quite an expensive hobby, but when I tell people that I pay less for dance lessons than most people pay for weekly therapy and a gym membership, it starts to make sense. I have become a new woman since I started dancing again (Toby and I took lessons at this same studio four years ago before our wedding), I dress the part when I leave the house, skirt, hair, and makeup… No more errands in my yoga pants thank you! I am making new friends and I have more to talk about now than just “mom stuff.”  Even my marriage has received a boost, Toby comes dancing with me at least once a week and it has made our communication so much better!

Need to see it for yourself? Come join us at our Guest Open House tonight at 7:45! Call for more info! 916-
In the corner of Crestview shopping center:
4762-B Manzanita Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608

I absolutely love that I can incorporate all of my passions into one hobby: costuming, jewelery crafting, acting, and listening to great music (somehow, I will sneak some singing in here too). Our instructor Travis even has the same taste in Movies and Television as Toby and I and has been encouraging us to do a number from Moulin Rouge (What’s that? Why yes, I can CosPlay while I dance)! I happened to begin at just the right time in fact, because the last six weeks was Arthur Murray’s Spring International Festival and we got to dress in a different era each Friday night! We ended the festival with a Summer Extravaganza (theme was Planes, Trains, and Automobiles) and performed routines for each other at our sister studio in Rocklin! Here are two videos (shot from different angles) of our rendition of the YMCA.