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Last night, I went to see American Idol Live at the Power Balance Pavilion (formally known as Arco Arena) with Cohen’s babysitter Charity (my best friend’s little sister). There were also a handful of people from my work (including the owner and his son) in the section next to ours. I realized a handful of things at this concert tonight.

  1. American Idol began my Senior year of high school, yes my ten year reunion is upon me.
  2. I date myself quite often with the 16 year old crowd by talking about things like cassette tapes and bands like PAX 217, Hanson, and Charlotte Church.
  3. I will be to old to audition for next years season of Idol. I can never say I tried.
  4. The kid who won American Idol was like 7 when the show started in 2002. Sick. And Wrong.
  5. Charity was like 6 when the show started. I am 12 years older than her. I repeat, sick and wrong.
  6. I am a total music nerd, I focus more on recording the show on my cell phone and writing down the set list in my moleskin than I did on actually watching the show. (This is not a new habit, just something weird I have done at shows since my days as a street teamer (We Are The Voices!) for PAX 217.
  7. I know better than to buy overpriced merch inside the arena because inevitably some shady dude will take $8 outside for a knock off T-Shirt.
  8. My son is going to think all the things I think are cool now (like American Idol) are totally dorky in about 5 years or so.
  9. I am going to be “that mom” (you know, the one who will take a van load of teens to a concert and actually sit with them so I can feel young again and embarrass the daylights out of them at the same time).
  10. Charity is going to blink and she will be in my shoes, writing this same blog post (will there be blogs still in 10 years?) wonder when the heck she started getting old…

Anywho, here is the set list and a highlight from the show (sadly my favorite moment was captured on Charity’s camera because my battery was low and I can’t post it tonight). Please excuse the screaming, I am going to have trouble hearing (and speaking) tomorrow at work, should make answering phones interesting!

  1. Girls – Born This Way
  2. Pia – New York
  3. Pia & Steffano – California King
  4. Paul – Rod Stewart Song
  5. Thia – Who Says You’re Not
  6. Girls – High or Low
  7. Steffano – Usher Song
  8. Steffano & Girls – DJ Got Me Fallin’ In Love Tonight
  9. Guys (without Scotty) – Here We Go Again
  10. Naima – Dance the Night Away
  11. Pia – This Time (Single)
  12. Pia, Thia, and Lauren – Firework
  13. Casey – Smooth (Casey playing his Bassy)
  14. Casey and Hailey – Many A Days & Nights
  15. Casey – Harder and Harder to Breathe
  16. Almost Everyone (except Scotty) – Forget You
  17. Lauren – Like My Mother Does (Single)
  18. Lauren, Thia, Hailey, & Steffano – If I Die Young
  19. James – Sweet Child of Mine
  20. James -Muse Song (Paranioia?)
  21. Jacob – I Just Don’t Want to Stop All My Love
  22. Jacob, Steffano, Pia, & Naima – You’re All I Need
  23. Hailey – House of the Rising Sun
  24. Hailey – Benny and the Jetts
  25. Scotty – Baby Lock Them Doors
  26. Scotty – Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
  27. Scotty – Love You This Big (Single)
  28. Scotty and Lauren – When You Say Nothin’ At All
  29. Scotty & Girls – Gone
  30. Finale Medley (Everyone) – Here I Go, Faithfully, Walk This Way, Any Way You Want It