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On the Goore’s facebook page, we asked “What baby product would you consider ‘a must’ in newborn care?” You answered with a ton of great suggestions!

Seven of you said you can’t live without swaddle blankets, Aden and Anais was the most popular brand. Three people recommended baby mittens to keep baby from scratching with their ‘too tiny to cut’ nails. A few parents highly recommended having a travel play yard/bed; Graco Pack N Play and Nap Nanny were top choices. A couple of you said you can’t live without your nursing pillows; Boppy and My Brest Friend were the most used brands. And two parents said they have to have a baby carrier, such as Ergo and Baby Bjorn.Other top items were:

  • Diapers, whether cloth or disposable, having something to contain the poo is a must I would say
  • Burp Cloths, unless you don’t mind wearing spit up every day
  • Footie sleepers with snaps (my baby lived in these) one piece to cover every inch of delicate baby skin, and snaps make for easier diaper changes
  • Sleep Sacks, for swaddle hating babies
  • A Complete Baby Care Kit with nasal aspirator, nail file/clippers, medicine dropper, etc.
  • Gripe Water for gassy tummies
  • A Crib Tent, especially if there is toddler aged siblings in the mix who like to ‘share’ with baby while they are sleeping
  • Lanolin cream for nursing moms – I would also add bra pads to this list as well

Sarah Gilbert of Wallet Pop adds an infant car seat, a bed with a water proof matress cover, and lots of books, as well as a baby carrier like many of our customers recommended.

*Originally written for and published at Goore’s Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore’s Insider as a part of goores.com staff, however, compensation will never influance my opinion. I reviewed these items at our store in the show room and asked our trained experts any questions I had on the items.