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So, being the curious person I am, I always wonder what other mom’s are toting around in their diaper bags. Here is roughly the content’s of my toddler’s bag.

Disposable Diapers (We only use cloth at home these days)
An extra pair of training pants (for when we are feeling brave)
Extra Play clothes
Wet Bag (Carry over from cloth days, great for dirty or soaked clothes)
Swim clothes: Rash guard, swim diaper and sun hat (in nice weather)
Hoodie (in cooler weather)
Sunscreen, Boogie Wipes, Bug Repellent (all year)
Things to Keep Little Man Busy:
Flashcards (His doctor was amazed at how many long Dinosaur names he knew)
A Ball (this one squishes and fits nicely in the bag)
His favorite Jelly Cat Dino
Zoli Teething Sticks
Snack Cup and Snack Bag (for refilling the cup)
Sippy Cup
Disposable Bibs (After finding a really nasty moldy bib in the bottom of the bag)
Disposable Place mats (These are at least a bit more Eco-Friendly)

I wonder what Jamie Pressley has in her Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack?

I will admit that I do not always lug the bag with me. We often just take a quick change kit with us and leave the bag in the car.

I also keep these compressed wipes in my purse with a spare diaper in case of “emergency”.

When my kiddo was tiny, my bag was less about entertainment and more about function:
Cloth diapers
Nursing Cover
Feeding Spoon
Teether Rings
Stroller Toys (that we would link together)
Swaddle/Receiving Blankets
(Used as burp cloths, towels, and emergency cloth diapers)

*Originally written for and published at Goore’s Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore’s Insider as a part of goores.com staff, however, compensation will never influence my opinion. I reviewed these items either at home or at our store in the show room and asked our trained experts any questions I had on the items.