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Two of your favorite brands have teamed up to bring you Organic Ergo Carriers in Petunia Pickle Bottom Prints!

Our sturdy beloved pal, Ergo, got a makeover by Petunia and is now both durable and pretty. The three prints available match Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Line of Boxy Backpacks and Accessories.

Celebrities, such as Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Bullock love Ergo and Petunia Pickle Bottom, I wonder who will be the first to be spotted wearing one of these new beauties?

Also look for some of this seasons new Petunia prints here.

*Originally written for and published at Goore’s Insider. I was compensated to write this post for Goore’s Insider as a part of goores.com staff, however, compensation will never influence my opinion. I reviewed these items at our store in the show room and asked our trained experts any questions I had on the items.