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…So many things (in no particular order)… Spending more time with my Little Man, Doing some preschool at home, Joining a MOPS group, Halloween, Cohen’s Birthday, Visiting my family, Getting my new banner for my blog here from Aleph Design (custom request), Masquerade Spotlight Ball, Getting back into my costuming and crafting, Opening my Etsy shop (finally), Having time to write for my own blogs again, Making Orange Christmas Presents!

I mean who wouldn't want to spend more time with a cute Panda?

If you have clicked any of the above links, you have found my new obsession… Pinterest! My pal Jenn got me hooked (she has a great blog too)…

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Needless to say, I miss my pals at the store, but I am happy to have time to spend with my family during the holidays rather than dealing with the hustle and bustle of retail during the Christmas rush… Have fun with that (/s)! I will still be writing for Goore’s Insider from mi casa, so I still have to be on a schedule of some sorts during the week to set aside time to get posts done. Any ideas blog friends?