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For this party, I used ideas from One Charming Party‘s amazing Dinosaur Party Guide, as well as printables from The Celebration Shoppe. These ladies are amazingly talented and inspired me a lot.


Cohen really wanted a volcano cake, so I made him one out of rice crispy treats with a brownie base. I melted two containers of milk chocolate frosting for one minute in the microwave and poured it over the volcano. Once the frosting dried a little I used Wilton white chocolate melting pieces with a whole canister of Wilton Red Red frosting dye (this was probably over kill and made the chocolate a weird play doughish consistency) I wanted to pour the melted chocolate down the sides, but I used what I had and molded the red chocolate to the sides of the volcano to simulate lava. It was a big hit as a centerpiece!


I served some good unhealthy party fare: pulled chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes with all the trimmings, chili cheese dip, potato chips and dip, home made Mac and cheese, Dino shaped chicken nuggets and PBJ’s for the kids, and lots of sweets, but I have some vegetarian friends and some friends who are pretty health conscious, so I served some stuff that was better for you too: non-fat vegetarian chili beans (adapted from my uncle Larry’s recipe), salad, hard boiled eggs, fruit and veggies, and tortilla strips with salsa.


The coolest thing I made though were these Dino Dig Dirt Desserts. I just used a basic dirt dessert recipe and layered them into individual clear cups. I made white chocolate fossils using this cool silicone ice mold I bought online and put one on top of each dessert.


It was a fine spread if I do say so myself. Everyone ate until they were stuffed and there was enough left over for my mother in law to take to the church potluck today without having to cook anything extra.


I would love to wow you all with pictures of my amazing decor, but we didn’t seem to get many pictures of the balloon “nest” or the fossil making play dough table (idea from here using these for making cool impressions). Both of which were subject to a couple of toddlers having fun while I was setting up the food table.

The games I had ready were intended for all ages, but the plan was for the older kids to be paired with the younger kids. However, we really didn’t have any of the older kids come, so we adapted. Rather than “Hatch the egg” (balloon pop game that their toddler bums were too tiny for) the kids tossed the balloons around and stomped up the nest (idea from here) like big T-Rex’s.


These two enjoyed digging for fossils in the sand box (idea from One Charming party guide) but got bored before we could get all the pieces out. Toby made these fossils from plaster of paris using a set of fossil sand toys as a mold.


I had made tails for the kids to tie on and race in (from this Tip Junkie tutorial) but they were not feeling it so we just took a pic of them in the tails and “crowns”, even doing that took great effort. Note to self, use a better camera than Dad’s Droid2.


Cohen enjoyed opening his presents, and Blair enjoyed helping him.


He was particularly fascinated by this flashlight and set of stick on glow stars from his Godparents (we put them up before bed last night).


His favorite part of the day though was when we all sang “Happy Birthday” and he got to blow out his candle. He even wanted to do it again.

I’m glad you had a fun party Cohen. Happy Birthday son, we love you!