We’ve just returned from a ten day excursion to the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Here is our little travel log with photos (some taken from the net because we didn’t have the camera or just plain forgot to get a pic).

Day 1: Our flight was delayed (luckily or we would have missed it due to a bad accident on the freeway) by an hour or so, but once we were on, it was smooth flying. we landed in Oahu gaining 3 hours of vacation time due to the time difference. We got our rental car and set off for the Hilton Waikiki Beach (Toby and co-worker Kyle are trying to get to Diamond status with Hilton this year). We made a stop at the Target on the way to get milk, diapers, wipes, and some breakfast and lunch items so we wouldn’t always have to eat out.  We were surprised to see that they served local food like spam mutsubi in the cafe there and that they had a souvenier section rather than a dollar section. We were all getting hungry and cranky so we made way for the hotel. We dropped our stuff off (tip valet well upon arrival or expect your stuff to get held hostage until they get around to you because they are also the bellhops here), changed clothes (and bathed Cohen who had a diaper blowout while we waited for the bellhop/valet), and headed down to Mac 24/7 (home of the Man Vs. Food Pancake challenge) which was in our hotel. By this time we were all starving (Hawaiian airlines food service is the worst I’ve have hands down) and ordered big. Toby got Braised Spare Ribs and Puli Puli Chicken

I ordered fresh island mahi mahi with bay scallops and lump crab, and Cohen got the keiki (kids) pancakes and they were as big as his head. Now I don’t think it is like this every night, but it took for-ev-er for our food to come (I took Cohen out to the court yard to run around and see the fish in the koi pond and we were out there a good long time)

koi in hilton waikiki beach courtyard

so long in fact that they brought us a fruit platter to hold us over. I figured out that I like Papaya (it was the only thing not touching the pineapple juice which I am allergic to). Finally our food came and mine was pretty good but not light like I wanted as it was also swimming in lobster bisque. Toby’s spare ribs were like jerky though.  Cohen’s pancakes were the best thing we ordered, but way too much for a 2 year old, we ate his leftovers for breakfast. We went down the street to check out the beach and watch a bit of the Pan Pacific parade that was going on as an end to that weekend’s festival. Cohen loved the Chinese Dragons and the little kids handing out candy. He waved and schmoozed and had a great time. The people next to us had bento dinner of teriyaki hot dogs and rice and Toby exclaimed “Look! You’re family isn’t weird!” And asked if it would be rude to ask if he could try some. We met up with Kyle (Toby’s Co-Worker) and Danna (his girlfriend) and went across the street to the beach. Cohen couldn’t wait and ran right into the water with Kyle.

Kyle and Cohen hittin’ dat beach

There was a water feature right next to the shower that Danna figured people used to wash their feet and Cohen wanted to play in it so we let him splash around with Danna in it (for future reference, not a good idea, the water is not clean at all, good thing we hosed him down well afterward).